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My Workspace is Prior Art.

InfoTree™ is an expert patent search firm located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Since 1994, we have provided confidential prior art research and patent information retrieval for specialized intellectual property research in patent prosecution, patent litigation and patent due diligence for all sectors of the petroleum, oil and gas industry, alternative energy,  environmental, green and clean technology, biomedical, and emerging technology-driven sectors.

The primary focus and intrinsic specialty of InfoTree™ is patent searching in the engineering disciplines.  These searches typically require a comprehensive review of hundreds to thousands of patent references for a typical patent research project.

Our InfoTree™ proprietary patent search algorithm, developed over twenty four years, is utilized in every patent research project to identify, retrieve, review, and select all currently available relevant patents.  This detail-oriented, methodical process provides a timely, accurate, serviceable solution tailored to each client’s individual patent information retrieval needs.

Contact Todd F. Mayson of InfoTree™ directly at or 780.433.4509 for:

  • Patentability/Novelty searches
  • State-of-the-Art/Evidence-of-Use searches
  • Clearance/Freedom-to-Operate/Right-to-Use searches
  • Infringement searches
  • Invalidity/Validity searches
  • Inventor/Owner/Assignee searches
  • Patent legal status searches
  • Patent family searches
  • Non-patent literature searches