It’s that time of year again, hanging your Christmas Lights. One of the best clips…..

Going up after Remembrance Day every year on our house is the Christmas decorative lights that are attached to our North facing front veranda and second floor deck railings, specifically onto the 3/4″ (19mm) black aluminum tube balusters. After trying a no. of options, we settled on the best for us – Adams’ Manufacturing Deck Clips, a mere $6.99 CDN for 25 clips in a nice green and red box. These very sturdy flexible memory plastic elongated C-shaped bodies with two ends that curve inwardly are a bright glimmer of engineering genius to install and hold our multiple LED lights strings throughout the winter up here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They simply don’t break!

And it’s no winter wonder, these beauties are also patented by Adam’s Manufacturing. US 9,273,803 B2 “Eaves Clip” by the inventor William E. Adams on March 1, 2016. Unfortunately for the past couple of years, these are hard to find around here. I guess it’s because they work so well and the continuing COVID situation is limiting their production at Adams Manufacturing. Thanks anyway, Mr. William E. Adams. #AdamsManufacturingDeckClips

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