Intro & Vision

In 1994, I recognized the potential of the Internet to revolutionize patent research and patent information retrieval. This led me to found InfoTree™, combining my novel information retrieval system with a comprehensive search method. For over 30 years, this approach has supported patent agents, investors, lawyers, engineers, startups, companies and inventors.

Proprietary System

InfoTree™ uses a multifaceted search method spanning multiple online patent databases and patent classification systems. My proprietary review process ensures I deliver a focused, relevant list of prior art, including patents, patent applications, and other technical documents.

Classification Expertise

My deep understanding of patent classification sets InfoTree™ apart. Unlike keyword-only searches, my method ensures I uncover the full picture of the relevant prior art for your specific needs.

Results & Experience

With over 55,000 hours of experience, I bring a finely-tuned, continually evolving suite of tools to each client’s unique patent information challenges. The result? Thorough, timely, and efficient solutions.

Call to Action

As a key member of your IP team, I’m dedicated to finding the prior art that makes a difference. Let’s discuss how InfoTree™ can support your goals.