In 1994, with the soon-to-be Global Internet on the near horizon, leaving behind the current services of the World Wide Web (WWW), I could foresee the imminent and exponential move from paper documents to organized, searchable and retrievable on-line patent documents from patent offices.

In an eureka moment or dream I can’t remember which, I then independently coupled together a novel patent information retrieval idea with a complete patent search method for my start-up company – InfoTreeTM “A Patent Searcher”. This proprietary continually evolving search and retrieval system completely addresses the search requirements for the different types of patent searches required by patent agents, angel investors, legal firms, engineering companies, start-ups, business owners and inventors.

InfoTreeTM utilizes a multi-faceted approach to patent searching developed over twenty-eight years of patent information retrieval, each patent search is completed with the use of multiple on-line patent databases, with multiple patent classification systems using overlapping search strategies covering all relevant patent classifications.

An InfoTreeTM proprietary document identification, document review and culling system is used to produce a final client-focused list of relevant prior art (patents, patent applications, non-patent literature).

A key element of InfoTreeTM patent information retrieval is my expert understanding of patent classification, the system for organizing patent documents into specific technology groups based on their similar subject matter disclosed within a patent document.  Why is this important, because traditional keyword patent searches ARE NOT going to get the entire prior art picture for your specific legal issues.  The InfoTreeTM patent search method provides the on-target, thorough results for your specific patent information needs.

I have over 55,000 hours of experience and expertise in preparing and conducting confidential, client focused patent searches to identify and retrieve relevant prior art patent and non-patent literature references.

My very particular and highly refined skill set of continually evolving proprietary patent information retrieval tools and methods are utilized daily to solve each of my clients unique patent information needs in a timely, efficient and thorough manner.

As an essential part of your IP team, I will find relevant prior art references that you or your legal team need to be aware of or might not even locate themselves during a search.