All of my patent search work is conducted under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between all parties.

After determining the scope and parameters for your patent research project, I will provide an estimate of costs, projected start date and completion. Additional on-line/manual non-patent literature searching is on request, or if required for your particular technology area.

Each individual set of InfoTreeTM concise search results for a client will include a listing and description of the different patent classifications used, the date range, the on-line databases utilized and a copy of each of the relevant patents selected. The search results are delivered electronically, or provided on an USB drive, your option.

If needed, the final selected patents will be provided with comments to indicate the reason for their enclosure within the results, pointing out specific drawings, text within the disclosure and/or claims.

All of the patent search work is done in-house by myself. I DO NOT outsource any of my client requested patent searches to anyone else here in Canada or abroad in foreign country patent search houses.

Payment in full is requested on your receipt of search results. Email electronic fund transfer (EFT) is the preferred form of payment.