My Trademark

InfoTreeTM is a Canadian registered trademark from January 28, 1999.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

All of my patent search work is conducted under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between all parties. To ensure the confidentiality of our discussions, I can provide a standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA). If you have your own, please forward it over for my review.

Work Queuing

To provide the best service to all, I generally work on patent searches in the order they are received. If you have an urgent need, please contact me as early as possible to discuss options, which may include a premium fee.

What are those patent classification systems

Patent classification systems categorize inventions based on their technology. Some older systems include the Canadian (OCPC) and US (USPC) classifications. Most countries now use the International Patent Classification (IPC) system, with some adopting the even more detailed Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system. These systems contain hundreds of thousands of entries with definitions to precisely categorize patents.

Additional Intellectual Property (IP) Resources