While I’m the one conducting your patent searches, my two feline coworkers, Cleopatra and Theos, keep me focused and calm. We’re a team dedicated to delivering the best possible results for your project. Here we are taking our daily health and well-being break in the downstairs workout room, posing for the camera (at least me!) before pumping some iron on our 1980’s Marcy EM/1 home gym.

A little about me

  • I possess a unique blend of speed-reading, comprehension, and technical drawing fluency. This enables me to dissect patents with exceptional efficiency, quickly grasping their intricate details.
  • An insatiable curiosity within fuels my desire to understand the world around me, particularly the elegant logic of mechanical devices.
  • I’m a DIY handy person especially in fine woodworking or house construction, very skilled and comfortable with power and hand tools.
  • Whenever the weather allows, I relish the opportunity to maintain and drive our classic 1976 Mercedes Benz 240D.
  • I’m a proficient PC builder, regularly upgrading my work and gaming rigs to stay near the cutting edge. When time permits, flight sim and hard-core FPS gamer on both console and PC.
  • A passionate military history buff, constantly devouring non-fiction. My office library is a treasure trove of carefully curated WWII aviation books and patent research materials.
  • Really love chocolate.