It is crucial to hire a professional patent searcher to conduct a patentability/novelty patent search early on in the product development or the patenting process. Paramount to preparing, filing and the prosecution of a patent application is having in your hand the results of patentability/novelty patent search prepared by InfoTreeTM.

InfoTreeTM results will make the pursuance of your patent application quicker, more cost efficient and efficacious. Because you and your patent agent are now aware of the closest relevant prior art references, the drafting of your patent application disclosure, drawings and claims will be better formulated and deliberately planned. Allowing you to take advantage of the areas of patentability of your unique, novel invention, apparatus, method or process.

You will be able to plan and prepare for in advance against the possible arguments and prior art references that the patent examiner will bring up during the prosecution of your patent, while also demonstrating to the patent examiner your intimate knowledge of the known prior art.

Knowing the prior art in the area of technology of your proposed invention allows you to early adapt, re-design and/or add features in advance of filing to address previously unforeseen, unaddressed market areas. You will be able to identify and work around any problem patents or references you were previously unaware of, potentially avoiding future expensive infringement lawsuits.

This will increase the worth of your invention, save money, and provide you with a more competitive edge within the current and future marketplace.

In some cases, the results of a patentability/novelty patent search from InfoTreeTM will determine that future progress along the current path is futile, nonproductive, time or cost ineffective, or perhaps redundant. Maybe partnering, licensing, invalidating the problem patents or abandonment of the proposed invention would be a better step forward.