Importance of Early Action

Hiring a professional patent searcher for a patentability/novelty or state-of-the-art/collection search early in your product development or patenting process is crucial. InfoTree™ can provide the insights you need for a successful patent application.


InfoTree™ results streamline your patent application process, making it faster, more cost-effective, and successful. With a deep understanding of the prior art, you and your patent agent can craft a stronger application that highlights your invention’s unique advantages.

Anticipate and Adapt

Knowing the prior art landscape allows you to proactively address potential objections from the patent examiner. You’ll demonstrate your knowledge while being prepared to adapt, redesign, or enhance your invention before filing. This can help you avoid costly infringement issues in the future.

Maximize Value

Thorough prior art knowledge strengthens your invention’s value and gives you a competitive edge. My InfoTree™ results can even help you identify new market opportunities.

Informed Decisions

Sometimes, an InfoTree™ patentability/novelty search might reveal that pursuing a particular path is not viable. This insight can save you time and money, allowing you to explore alternatives like partnering, licensing, challenging existing patents, or pivoting your invention altogether.